Too damn hot

Whew, it’s really just too hot to do much – I hardly go outside at all anymore. That’s just as well, as I have writing to do. And laundry, of course, but the less said about that the better.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on “Not a Mermaid” and have started plotting and outlining “Not a Zombie”. So yes, things are really happening. I sometimes wonder if it’s worth it, since it’s been a year since book 1 came out and I’ve totally dropped the ball. But I’m plugging away and I’m not giving up and hope that anyone reading this won’t give up either.

I’m coming up on the first anniversary of my mother’s death, and I think that’s important. I haven’t really felt “right” since it happened and my focus has been outward rather than inward, and part of that has resulted in me not writing. But a year – I need a kick in the pants, y’all. Seriously. Shit needs to happen.