Writing/Cable’s Bend Update

The first book in my new series is on track to come out in June! I’m so excited! It comes from an idea that I first started toying with a few years ago, then put aside to work on other things.

About the series: The series is set in and around Cable’s Bend, a fictional town in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

About the first book: I had so much trouble coming up with a title, but finally decided on Saving Grapes. Here’s the blurb:

Thom Caldwell was used to being on his own, working his vineyard and dreaming of the future. Against his better judgment, he agrees to hire his friend’s nephew for the summer.

Ben Loomis heads west to the Willamette Valley to get his life together. He never expected to fall for his uncle’s friend, the shy and sexy vineyard owner he now works for.

Thom can’t let himself fall for a man ten years his junior who’s only passing through. Ben refuses to let Thom shut him out and just needs one good reason to stay.

Between long-lost relatives, over-sexed contractors, exploding homebrew and natural disasters, Thom and Ben have their hands full. But if they’re going to save the vineyard, they’ll have to save each other first.

What’s next: I’m already working on Book 2, which will be about the long-lost relative mentioned in the blurb. It’s coming together great, and I’m enjoying writing this one.

What’s distracting me now: There’s another story I’ve been trying to get a handle on – the untitled paranormal mentioned on my Works in Progress page. I swear, I wasn’t even thinking about it and a brand new opening popped into my head. It was awesome, and it takes the idea in a completely new direction. I’ve got a couple of scenes and a skeleton outline down, but I need to learn more about writing mysteries before I go much further with it. If if comes together the way I’m hoping, I think it’s going to be the start of a light paranormal/humorous/mystery series. There will be a slow-burn romance that develops over the course of the series between the main character and a police detective who the main character is convinced is a werewolf. He is NOT a werewolf.