Cable’s Bend Update and Other News

First off, I have to say that the weather in Houston this weekend has been amazing – we opened all the windows (because we weren’t stupid enough to paint them shut) and let the fresh air in. These older homes were really built to catch the breeze!

There are probably, oh, two of you out there waiting for the next Cable’s Bend book – Jon’s story. I’m afraid you’re probably going to have to wait a bit longer than expected. Looking it over, it just isn’t moving me. It’s long, and it’s not just a slow-burner, it’s a freakin’ crock pot. It needs trimming down and spicing up. I can’t in good conscience, send a boring book out into the world – and that’s what it would be at this point.

So, I’m going to write a few more erotic shorts, another Jake & Boo novel, and maybe turn my attention to other Cable’s Bend characters. I need a break from Jon and Drew, and hopefully when we get back together there will be sparks.

The first Jake & Boo story, Not a Werewolf is scheduled to be released this week – Tuesday, if the internet cooperates. I’ll post an announcement here when it goes live.

Also, did you see where I mentioned those erotic shorts? Yeah, thought you might have noticed that. I tried it as an experiment over the summer, and had a lot of fun with it, so I’m going to write some more. I’m writing under the pseudonym Angèle Aurore in case you’re in the mood for some modern m/m fairy tales.