June 4th, 2010

It’s true what they say, you can’t declutter other people’s stuff. Last weekend I spent a few hours going through my parents’ garage. There was so much stuff that really needed to be tossed out, or sent to Goodwill, but I didn’t have the authority to do it and I couldn’t ask them about it because my dad would say, “Out it goes!” and my mom would say, “That’s mine! I might need that!” Although, what an 89 year old woman with Alzheimer’s who never leaves her house is going to do with 80 Zippo lighters is beyond me. I did manage to fill a garbage can with trash, and sneak a few knick-knacks off to the thrift store, and sweep up all the leaves, debris, bent nails, and spilled laundry detergent. I rearranged the shelves so that all the Xmas decorations were in one place and things were easier to find. At least now I have a better estimate of what I am going to be dealing with when my parents pass and I have to clean out their house.

On a positive note, I returned home with an even greater desire to cull my belongings. I only wish I didn’t have so very many commitments for the weekend. If I can just clean out my (already greatly purged) closet and drawers I will be a happy camper. If I can organize my yarn stash and assemble a few more projects to complete, I’ll be ecstatic. I think I’ll shoot for ecstatic.

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