Works in Progress

So many ideas – these should keep us busy for a while:

Not a Mermaid: It’s been four months since Jake and Don found a body in the bayou and Jake met Detective Ruben “Boo” Petreski. Now it’s July, and there’s a heat wave in Houston, a storm brewing in the Gulf, and Jake’s dreams are back…

Not a Zombie: The fall semester is starting, and Jake’s got more than enough to stress about already without a not-so-dead, dead man turning up on Miss Nancy’s doorstep…

Love Letters (Cable’s Bend 2): Jonathan Heywood thought he had lost everything ā€“ his wife and son, his partner, his home. But when the past comes calling, Jon discovers that not all is lost.

Cable’s Bend #?: When Brad inherited his aunt’s historic inn, no one expected him to make a go of it, much less turn it into one of the region’s hottest destinations. When his first love, the artist who broke his heart years ago, hits rock bottom and asks for his help, Brad can’t say no. But Brad’s not the same starry-eyed teen he was in high school. Now he’s got responsibilities, experience, and a shot at something real.

Cable’s Bend #?: Paul owns and runs the local feed store with his sister, and life is pretty good overall. Between long hours and small town life, his romantic prospects are pretty slim, but he figures he does okay. Then a surprise order from an irate goat farmer leads to an even more surprising encounter. Small town life is about to get a lot more exciting.

Cable’s Bend #?: Ross O’Connor has worked hard for his reputation as one of the best builders in the region. Maybe he’s worked too hard. Now his sister and niece need his help, and he can’t say no to family, even though his own health is failing. When he takes on what should be a simple remodel, he finds himself in the sights of Al Sorensen. Al’s wanted Ross for years, but Ross isn’t sure he can handle what that entails.

7 thoughts on “Works in Progress”

  1. Hi Ms. Kirby, I really like your first Boo & Jake book. Wondering when we can enjoy book 2 of this wonderfully written story?
    All the best and inspiration :)

    ps. omg…i have no idea why i wrote Sue :s o.O soo sorry

  2. Hi,
    I loved the first Jake and Boo story! Any news one when the next one will be released?

  3. Hi Serena – I’m so glad you enjoyed them! I am working hard to try to release Not a Mermaid before the end of this year – if my family will just cooperate! :)

  4. Hi!
    I just wanted to let you know it was a real pleasure to read Saving Grapes and Not a Werewolf and I cannot wait to see more of them! 2016 is so far away! šŸ˜›

  5. Stayed up late to finish your book. smiled through the whole thing. Was perfect for my mood. Great story, awesome characters, and a simple plot line that lets you focus on the relationship . It is true that sometimes life just works, no tragedy, minimal angst, and I like that you let the characters carry the story.

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