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Location, Location, Location

I like setting my stories in places inspired by locations I’ve visited. Some of my locations might be recognizable (like the eucalyptus grove on the UC-Berkeley campus in “Just That Easy”), and others may just feel like they could be real. In any case, when I use a real location, I use it with poetic license, so if you’re thinking, “Hey, I’ve been there, and it’s never empty at that time of day,” I apologize in advance, because I know how irritating it can be when an author doesn’t get those details right!

Lucky Friday the 13th Book Launch!

The book should be available on Amazon tomorrow, Friday the 13th. Yep, it’s releasing early! Everything came together much quicker than anticipated, and I saw no reason to delay. Unless something unforeseen occurs, it will be available tomorrow.

What kind of story is it? Well, like I said yesterday, it’s witty, sweet, and mildly kinky. One of our gentlemen has a bit of a fetish, and the other is more than happy to oblige. It gets pretty steamy, and there are some graphic descriptions of hot M/M action, so if that’s not your thing then this isn’t your book.

Here is the cover blurb:

Sean was the prom king, David was a nerd. But years later, when the two meet again in graduate school, they’re worlds away from what they had been in high school. After years as a closeted athlete, Sean is ready to live life on his own terms – and for him that includes a relationship with the handsome and prickly David Harper. David can’t believe that someone like Sean would actually be interested in him.

When they finally connect, it’s intense, erotic, and a little bit kinky – a surprise for both of them. Will their insecurities keep them from giving their romance a fighting chance? Or will they be able to admit that sometimes it really can be just that easy?

All New, All the Time

Evil Genius at Work is now the online home of Madeline Kirby!

I am about to self-publish my first novel. I like to think of it as a witty, sweet, and slightly kinky M/M love story. Of course I hope you agree, and obviously I hope you’ll buy it! I hope to have it available on Amazon by the end of March (fingers crossed).

This story has been in the works for a long time – it started as a NaNoWriMo project, which I didn’t finish because of time constraints, and then languished off and on until I finally got my act together and gave my guys the HEA they deserved.

Anyway, just popping in to make a quick announcement – more soon, when there’s more to tell!